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Tips: Applying Self-Tan

Applying self-tan can be tricky, which is why we wrote these step-by-step instructions on how we recommend that you apply it.

A few things to note before starting:

  • It is best to use black, loose clothing after application
  • We recommend removing body hair about a day before applying self-tan
  • Remove any make-up, and if you have long hair, tie it up

1. – Exfoliate (10-15 minutes)

To achieve as even a tan as possible, we strongly recommend exfoliating your skin before applying any self-tan product. By exfoliating, you remove dead skin cells, fragrances, body oils, deodorant and moisturisers, and you are left with softer skin. All of this helps you to achieve a more even tan.

Have a shower and wash yourself with your choice of shower gel or soap. After that, take some exfoliating cream on your hand and apply it on your skin in circular motions. Pay attention to any areas that are especially dry, like the tops of your feet, your knees, elbows, areas around armpits, hands and cuticles. If you don’t exfoliate your face regularly, remember to exfoliate both your face and the neck area. After you are done, carefully wash off any product remains with water and you are ready for the next step.

2. – Moisturise (2-5 minutes) – optional

Using a moisturiser with self-tan is not compulsory, but recommended with products such as cream self-tans.

If you choose to use a moisturiser, apply it right after drying off. We recommend using a non-oil based product, as these are more likely to be compatible with any self-tan. In most cases it’s enough to moisturise any areas that usually get dry (tops of your feet, knees, elbows, area around your armpits, hands and cuticles) in order to achieve an even tan.

3. – Applying self-tan (15-20 minutes)

Our first recommendation would be to use a glove to apply the self-tan – if you don’t have one you can also use disposable rubber gloves. This way you prevent having orange hands afterwards and you ensure a more even tan.

Regardless of the self-tan you are using, you should try to follow the instructions given in the package. As a general rule, take a small amount of the product on your glove and begin to apply it on your skin in circular motions downward from, for example, your thighs towards your knees and ankles while making sure you cover all parts of your skin. By moisturising your skin well beforehand, you have ensured that any dry parts of your skin won’t become too dark.

Continue applying the self-tan from your neck to your chest and from there down to your stomach. Next, apply the product from your shoulders down to your elbows and hands in circular motions. Lift your hands high to apply the self-tan to the other side of your arms. When doing the backs of your hands pay attention to your knuckles and cuticles.

Applying self-tan on your back is a double edged sword; however, if you believe (or know) you can apply it well without any help, go for it! Take enough of the product and apply it all the way until the hairline in your neck.

For your face and ears, ensure you’re using a product suitable for your face and make sure that your daily foundation is dark enough so that there is no large difference in colour between your face and neck.

4. – Drying (20 minutes)

If possible, allow the tan to develop for 20 minutes before getting dressed in loose (and preferably dark) clothes.


  • Use loose clothes and avoid e.g. bra straps
  • Don’t get sweaty, take a shower, go to sauna or swimming, and you should also generally avoid contact with water in the next eight hours (unless the self-tan is gradually developing or another type of special product)
  • Avoid any unnecessary touching or scratching as the tan can stick to the palm of your hand
  • Allow your self-tan to develop for about 8 hours. We recommend applying it before going to bed. If you have white sheets in your bed you can spread some old towels on them for protection.

After 8 hours::
Take a shower and wash yourself with shower gel or soap (not one that exfoliates). If the product you used has guide colour, shower as long as it takes for the water to turn clear again. Pat yourself dry. Moisturise.

How to make self-tan last longer?
In order to make your tan last as long as possible, avoid taking a bath, swimming and going to sauna. Remember to moisturise your skin every day. You can also use a gradually self-tanning lotion instead of a moisturiser to simultaneously deepen your tan.

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