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For All My Eternity - Self Tanning Mitt New!

For All My Eternity - Self Tanning Mitt

For All My Eternity - Self Tanning Mitt

6,90 €

Tanstore Product Code: 397 | For All My Eternity Product Code: FDM
Product Category: Self Tanners

Product Information

For All My Eternity Self Tanning Mitt provides an easy and simple way for you to apply your self tanners!

  • Easy to way achieve even and streak-free tanning
  • Re-usable: after use, just rinse mitt with warm soapwater
  • Makes applying easy
  • Protects your hands from staining

For All My Eternity self tanning mitt’s application side is made of super soft polyurethane foam. This plush foam makes applying self tanner so much easier and ensures even results – consistently! The back side of the mitt is 100% stretchable polyester, which enables it to easily fit over all sizes of hands. When applying the self tanner, the polyurethane foam retains a small amount of the product which helps you to easily apply to harder to reach areas. While this tanning mitt is reusable, it’s also designed to be thrown away. Depending upon the amount of usage and style, the mitt will last on average for approximately 1-2 months.

Ingredients: Back side 100% polyester. Applying side: polyurethane foam

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